Thursday, March 26, 2009


Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judy Barrett, 1990. Pictures of animals wearing clothes demonstrate why this would be a ridiculous custom for them to adopt.

Aunt Lucy Went to Buy A Hat by Alice Low, 2004. Rhyming tale of a woman who sets out to replace her lost hat, but ends up with a cat and a succession of other items instead.

Ducks Don’t Wear Socks by John Nedwidek, 2008. A serious girl meets a duck with a wacky wardrobe, and learns how to play.

Kettles Get New Clothes by Dayle Ann Dodds, 2002. When the small town store where they usually buy their clothes changes hands, the Kettles are in for a surprise on their annual shopping trip.

Mad About Plaid by Jill McElmurry, 2000. After she finds a lonely little purse in the park and takes it home, a young girl’s entire world turns plaid.

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach by Carmen Deedy, 2007. Martina's grandmother advises her to deliberately spill coffee on the shoes of her many suitors as a test.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems, 2009. Wilbur horrifies his peers by wearing clothes.

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