Saturday, June 14, 2008


Encyclopedia of Immaturity by Klutz Editors, 2007. Learn how to shrink heads, snort rubber bands, take off your thumb, break your nose, and make radio-controlled underwear!

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex, 2006. Dracula walks around with spinach in his teeth, because everyone is afraid to tell him about it, and the Phantom of the Opera can't get 'It's a Small World' out of his head.

Gallop: A Scanimation Book by Rufus Butler Seder. Children are amazed by the way the animals in the illustrations move while they turn the page.

Imagine by Norman Messenger, 2005. This book is filled with interactive puzzles, such as shape-shifting animals.

Ribbit: Flip and See Who Froggy Can Be by Bender & Bender, 2007. An ingenious flip-book with unlimited combinations.

Science Verse by Jon Scieszka, 2004. A sing-along, rhyme-along introduction to science that is guaranteed to get children engaged. My favorite is the version of Mary Had A... that refers to a parasite in her belly.

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